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Report 2015 Fledged Sandhill Crane Colts

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully, the crane pairs many of you have been watching nearby in Homer have had a successful year raising their colts.  We interested in hearing reports of success or failure in nesting and if groups of cranes are starting to show up again.


The Sandhill Crane colts are about to start flying in the next few weeks.  Please report fledged colts to Kachemak Crane Watch at 235-6262 or  Please include location, date, time, number of colts, and a phone number for more information.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather!  Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
All the best,

Check out the Fuzzball video!

IMG_3014Sandhill Cranes nest in Homer Alaska in surrounding wildlands, local neighborhoods, and coastal estuaries. Two good places to look for a nesting pair are Lighthouse Village and Beluga Slough from the Boardwalk below the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. After 30 days of incubation, the eggs hatch the first or second week of June. They remain fuzzballs for only about a week to 10 days. They grow up quickly and will be as big as an adult and flying by 60-70 days after hatching.

Check out our new video, “Sandhill Crane Fuzzballs.”  The colts are growing so fast they have already passed the fuzzball stage, but you can enjoy them on video.  Fuzzball Video