Annual Kachemak Bay Sandhill Crane Summaries

Kachemak Crane Watch each year produces a report of the nesting success of the Sandhill Cranes that breed in the Homer area. Below are the reports from 2009-2020.

Summer 2009 Crane report

Summer 2010 Crane report

Summer 2011 Crane report

Summer 2012 Crane report

Summer 2013 Crane Report

Summer 2014 Crane report

Summer 2015 Crane report

Summer 2016 Crane report

Summer 2017 Crane Report

Summer 2018 Crane Report

Summer 2019 Crane Report

Summer 2020 Crane Report

Summer 2021 Crane Report

         Summer 2022 Crane Report

Wintering Movements of Sandhill Crane in California

Partnership between the International Crane Foundation, U.S. Geological Survey, and Oregon State University looked at a “Comparison of Greater and Lesser Sandhill Crane Winter Movements in California”. A poster summarizing their work is presented here.

Calfed Poster