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2015–The Cranes Have Migrated!

IMG_4347It was a wonderful summer with lots of crane action around Homer and Anchor Point.  The cranes left on a classic departure day of rising barometer, west to northwest winds, and clearing skies, joining hundreds of cranes from the interior flying in Vs across Cook Inlet and over Anchor Point.

Most local cranes were reported migrating on September 12 when the waves of interior Alaska cranes came through Anchor Point.  A few family groups were still scattered about after the main group left, but by now, September 19, most all have departed.  Kachemak Crane Watch is receiving very few reports now.

Below, is a link for the Annual 2015 Sandhill Crane Summary for the Kachemak Bay area.

Summer 2015 Crane Report

Great Blue Heron among 90 Sandhill Cranes

Great Blue Herons are not common in Homer, Alaska. Even less common is a Great Blue Heron hanging out with ninety Lesser Sandhill Cranes. These cranes are gathering in premigration flocks, loading up on calories for the long migration back to Californina’s Central Valley near Sacramento. This heron just appeared within the flock early in the day and hung out with them for over an hour