New Video–Sandhill Crane Brooding Young and other news

Sandhill Crane colts have been hatching the past week and a half.  At the Beluga Slough boardwalk below the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, visitors can enjoy two Sandhill Crane pairs that both have two colts.

Around Kachemak Bay several reports of eagle problems has been recorded by Kachemak Crane Watch.  One adult crane was killed and its egg destroyed by an eagle.  Another report described a “pack” of five eagles hunting a Sandhill Crane pair.  One of the adults flew off with the five eagles close behind.  Fortunately for this pair, the crane managed to escape.  Several Kachemak Crane Watch cooperators have reported higher than normal numbers of eagles this summer harassing cranes.  Could be that eagle numbers are up after the murre die off and are now hungry.

Kachemak Crane Watch’s new video, “Sandhill Cranes:  Female Brooding Young Colts” is a closeup look at an afternoon nap with the colts.  Sandhill Cranes have to brood their very young colts frequently during the day. When they are just a few days old, running around with their parents tires out these tiny fuzzballs, and they need naps throughout the day, especially if it is windy or the weather is bad. The little colts cannot yet thermo-regulate their body temperatures.  Enjoy and please share with others: