Sandhill Crane Count Days

Kachemak Crane Watch needs your participation during Kachemak Crane Watch’s annual Sandhill Crane Count Days.  Please share this info with other crane lovers and count the cranes where you see them with the needed info as noted in the poster below.  Please submit your info on the day of each count, or as soon as you can before the next Count Day.

Saturday – August 27 – Crane Count – Day One                                                                               Friday – September 2 – Crane Count – Day Two                                                                         Thursday – September 8 – Crane Count – Final Day

Citizen Scientists needed for Kachemak Crane Watch’s Sandhill Crane population survey in the Homer area (Anchor Point South).  Kachemak Crane Watch would like to know of specific crane sightings with the following information;  please report:

  1.   The number of adults, colts, or banded cranes;
  2.   Location of sighting;
  3.   Date of observation.

Send all observations to or by call 907-235-6262. 

For more information, contact Nina Faust at 235-6262.

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