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Leucistic Crane had a Colt

Kachemak Crane Watch received this note from Dave Goeke on March 30, 2017.  Last summer the leucistic crane showed up in the Mat-Su area.  If anyone sees this crane and its colt, please let me know.   Send photos if you are able to get any of the crane and/or its colt.  Thanks!

Nina Faust
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Photo provided by Dave Goeke.

Heads up. The leucistic crane nested successfully last year! It is now accompanied by a leucistic juvenile from last season. The two were first photographed February 26 flying together over Consumnes River Preserve about 40 miles south of Sacramento, California. They were next photographed on the ground March 3 near Burns, Oregon. They were first observed here when I photographed them four miles south of Othello, Washington, on March 21 in the same cornfield where I photographed the adult last year. They have been seen here again on March 22, 25, and 26. They might still be here, but it appears a significant number of cranes might have moved on today. As I recall, last year the adult left about mid-April and arrived outside Palmer, Alaska, nine days later. I just thought you would like to know so you can get the word out to those who might want to know the birds are coming.

Dave Goeke
Othello, WA

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