Kachemak Crane Watch

Kachemak Crane Watch is dedicated to the protection of Sandhill Cranes and their habitat in Homer, Alaska and the surrounding Kachemak Bay area.

We record reports of:
  • distribution and abundance of cranes from Anchor Point to the head of Kachemak Bay;
  • nests and colts (chicks);
  • population numbers;
  • arrive and departure dates; and
  • mortality due to eagle predation, dogs, and other causes.
What to Report:
  • How many cranes you saw
  • Where and when you saw them – the date and coordinates (lat and long, if available) or specific place name
  • What they were doing – note any territorial behavior that might indicate a nest or young nearby
  • Number of young, if any
  • What kind of habitat they were in: e.g. beach, slough, wetland, forest, road, estuary, upland grasslands, island

Please approach them carefully, they are very sensitive to disturbance during the breeding season.

Two ways to enter your observations:

  1. Send an email to reports@cranewatch.org
  2. Call Call 907-235-6262

Please include your contact information in case we need additional information.

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